Bradley E. Heppner Architecture, LLC is a full-service architectural firm that delivers uniquely personalized attention throughout every aspect of the planning, design and building processes. The philosophy of the firm is deeply rooted in the time-honored methods of the classical architects of the past combined with the belief that for architecture to be successful and enduring it is imperative to maintain a strong balance between innovation and the established principles of architectural design and not be misled by current fashions and trends.

Brad notes, “far too often designers attempt to reinvent the way in which we live rather then allow history to teach us what works and adapt those elements to a modern lifestyle.” This principle not only presents itself in the completed works of the firm, but also in the methods used to generate each design. The employment of design methods developed and refined over centuries of architectural practice provides a design that is inclusive of the clients input and executed in a deliberate manner resulting in works that stand as monuments to these time-honored traditions and enduring artistry of design and craftsmanship. The following is a brief explanation of that process.